What is Global Calcium's business?

Global Calcium manufactures a range of organic calcium salts, mineral gluconates and other fortification products. The products are intended for use by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of food and beverages, neutraceuticals and other specialty formulators. Our products cover bulk drugs to solid dosage forms to Large Volume Parenterals (LVP). Global Calcium excels in solving challenging formulations.

What are the USPs of Global Calcium?

As an organisation in organic calcium salts and mineral gluconates business for more than 2 decades, our USPs are:

  • Research strengths in formulation development and tailor-made combination salts.
  • End-to-end expertise covering health food supplements, regular pharmaceuticals and specialty development products.
  • Product range and facility compliance to GMP CGMP, 'ISO 9001:2000' and shortly European DMF and Certificate of Suitability.
  • Detailed and focussed quality assurance at all levels of activities.
  • Focussed R&D with high yeilding results.
  • High quality products meeting all international standards.
  • Commitment to in-time supplies with sustained batch-to-batch quality.
  • Responsive, flexible and focused customer support.
  • Economies of scale, to offer competitive advantage to our customers.
  • Strong information technology architecture to deliver consistent quality products at competitive price.
  • Vast pool of qualified and experienced professional managers with extensive experience.

What is the knowledge base of Global Calcium in the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Global Calcium, a part of the Calcium Group, has pioneered the development, procurement, processing and marketing of the finest organic calcium salts and mineral gluconates for over two decades.
  • Global Calcium has comprehensive R&D facilities and state-of-the-art production facilities encompassing all facets of product development. Combined knowledge of its highly skilled/experienced managers help
  • Global Calcium purchase the finest raw material and employ optimised production methods to reach out to satisfied customers around the world.

Why should I prefer Global Calcium for business?

  • We are a one-stop-shop for the finest organic calcium salts and mineral salts. We provide high quality customer service and competitive pricing to our global customers based across 40 countries.
  • Our emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and reliability are benchmarked to international standards.

What are the facilities available with Global Calcium?

  • Comprehensive R&D facilities covering all aspects of product development, from raw materials to finished products. Furthermore we carry out all types of product analysis required by customers including physical, chemical, microbiological & safety testing and benchmarks.
  • Our processing plants have a combined capacity to process 2000 tonnes of various calcium and mineral gluconates around the year, comparable with the best in the world in meeting exacting customer specifications consistently.
  • Sophisticated equipments, modern quality control labs, process control tools and instrumentation with efficient feedback systems ensure complete and consistent end product quality.
  • Our warehouse has a capacity to store an excess of 100 million kgs. This enables us to manage our customers' inventories and dispatch our orders as per their manufacturing schedules.

What product documentation can Global Calcium provide?

Global Calcium supports all product enquiries and sales with extensive quality documentation that include:

  • Analytical Specifications (AS)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Typical & batch-to-batch Certificate of Analysis (C.O.A)
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Koshers certificate
  • Method of Analysis and application reference documentation.
  • The products are also manufactured to comply with FCC standards.

Where is Global Calcium located in India?

Global Calcium is located in the city of Bangalore, the southern part of India. The city of Bangalore, located in the South of Karnataka is a truly tech city, aptly called the Silicon Valley of Asia. The city also boasts of a large number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporations supported with proactive government initiatives and policies.

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