Global Calcium is located in the city of Bangalore. The city is globally recognised as the Silicon Valley of Asia due to several Fortune 500 companies having their research and development facilites present in and around the city.

Global Calcium operates out of this professional environment in Bangalore, with a wide spread of marketing and product support offices in India and also through a network of business associates in other parts of the world. India offers a very conducive business environment for manufacturing of API, which has resulted in the business presence of pharmaceutical majors, who have leveraged on the huge people talent, wide range of specialty products, extensive markets network and low operational cost advantages which the country offers.

Consequently, India has the second largest pharmaceutical industry in the world by volume, with the majority of produce being consumed by the export markets.

The Global Group was initially conceptualized with the single objective of starting a small but highly quality conscious company, to produce Calcium Gluconate for the famed Swiss pharmaceutical major SANDOZ in the late 1970's.

In the early 1980's, Calcium India was approached by the erstwhile Glaxo to develop Calcium Lactobionate for a challenging application. Global Calcium was born out of this need and the group today produces over 2000 MT of various calcium salts and mineral gluconates each year.

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