Sodium Sulphate

Sodium Sulphate

  • Product Name : Sodium Sulphate
  • CAS : 7757-82-6
  • Molecular Formula : Na2SO4
  • Molecular Weight : 142.04 g/mol
  • Therapeutic Category : Electrolyte Replacement

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As manufacturer of Sodium Sulphate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Sodium sulfate is an inorganic sodium salt. Sodium sulfate anhydrous disassociates in water to provide sodium ions and sulfate ions. Sodium-ion is the principal cation of the extracellular fluid and plays a large part in the therapy of fluid and electrolyte disturbances. Sodium sulfate anhydrous is an electrolyte replenisher and is used in isosmotic solutions so that administration does not disturb normal electrolyte balance and does not lead to absorption or excretion of water and ions.


It induces catharsis by the osmotic effects of the unabsorbed sulfate salts and polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the GI tract. Specifically, sulfate salts provide sulfate anions, which are poorly absorbed, and PEG, which is primarily unabsorbed, causes water to be retained in the GI tract resulting in watery diarrhea.


Absorption of sodium sulfate after ingestion in rats was investigated. 35)S-Radioactivity excreted in urine during 24 hr indicated almost complete absorption from GI tract. Determination in serum 2 hr after admin revealed a 3-fold increase in sulfate concentration rapid and almost complete absorption of inorganic sulfate occurs after oral admin in rats.

Route of elimination:

Rectal effluent if unabsorbed sulfates; urine (the predominant route for absorbed sulfates )

Drug indication:

Bowel cleansing prior to clinical procedures

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