R&D Technologies

R&D Technologies

Research and Development at Global Calcium ensures a complete focus program that covers chemical analysis, stability studies, physical analysis, safety assurance, formulation and new product development and quality assurance.

The multidisciplinary R&D approach followed at Global Calcium offers greater efficacy and superior safety profiles for our products, tested through state-of-the-art equipment such as HPLC, HPTLC, UV-Spectrophotometer, GC, BOD incubators, etc.

Our team of focused PhDs, MScs and focused specialists conduct extensive testing and development pilot trials using optimized process upgrades towards improved yields. The R&D team drives these initiatives towards offering cost advantages to our customers.

The routine R&D activities cover chemical analysis and certification according to USP, BP, EP and JP; Physical tests for assay, bulk density, pH, etc.; 

Safety tests adhering to WHO-GMP standards and a quality assurance program that commences from the stage of sourcing raw material till the final dispatch of our products to their respective destination. Subsequently, we are able to maintain an excellent quality track record.